Breakin' Fusion - Dance Battle Edition, what's it all about?

Your little ones might enjoy finding out a bit more of what to expect at our Breakin’ Fusion - Dance Battle workshop, or if you’ve seen the poster but not sure they’d enjoy it, hopefully we can fill you in with what it’s all about!

Get your little one and have a read……

The workshop is both a break and street dance style session! Looking at introducing young people to these different styles in a fun and safe environment. The participants will learn an array of dance skills, all the while improving things like co- ordination, muscle memory, fitness, creativity and socially, it’s gonna be a lot of fun!

So I guess the biggest question to ask is…….

Are you team Jake? Or are you team Jemma?

You decide whose team you’re on, all the while learning bags of new skills, meeting new friends and having the best day trying out dance!