Dancing towards positive mental health

Our Ponthafren Dance Sessions begin this week and we couldn't be more pleased that they coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week 

So we wanted to take this opportunity to really look at what an activity like dance could give you in terms of good mental health and well being by shining a spotlight on our new Ponthafren sessions and how they were set up. 

Michelle Longhurst is extremely passionate about bringing dance to Ponthafren, to compliment their already amazing outreach work, she tells us:

Exercise is a proven, effective way to improve mental health and wellbeing. This is set out in the ‘5 ways to wellbeing’ an idea that is supported by the NHS. Exercise improves memory, relieves stress and boosts your mood overall. Dance is a way to introduce exercise but in a fun and social way (tackling another two steps in the 5 ways to wellbeing!)
Ponthafren itself encourages our members to exercise and get out as much as possible, however due to lack of facilities and funding we predominantly sign post on. Working with Powys Dance means we can help facilitate an exciting new project with a respected, known company.
Participation can be difficult and engagement is hard, this is something that seems to be a common theme so encouragement, support and exciting new ideas help.
Last year our administrator received an email from Powys Dance, looking to speak to someone about potentially starting a new project lining in with a local mental health charity. I jumped on the idea and contacted Helen straight away as dance is something I personally find very rewarding and it has given me so much in terms of physical and mental wellbeing.
I am so excited about starting this project and I look forward to welcoming new potential members and seeing what they will gain from the classes.
— Michelle Longhurst
5 Ways to Well Being

5 Ways to Well Being

If you're fancying a new challenge that is supportive and fun then why not drop into our first session this Thursday! Our dance leaders are positive, friendly and really listen to what the group needs and wants, come and join in and feel good!

Jemma Thomas