World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day we wanted to share with you one of our favourite books, Giraffes Can’t Dance.

This is a book we sometimes use in our sessions. The story follows Gerald the Giraffe who feels like he can’t dance, he has animal friends who seem better - including chimps that do the Cha- cha! But eventually he finds his own unique way of moving and grooving and follows his own individual rhythm when dancing!

We totally love the ethos of this book, dance as an individual and find your own unique beat!

Throughout the book there are so many opportunities to jump up and get dancing with your little one, why not have a go tonight?

Okay so all you need is a little space and the story - don’t worry if you haven’t got it, here’s a video version!

Read and dance along…

 -  Whenever you see Gerald, stand as tall as you can - maybe try walking around the room like a Giraffe!

 -  When you reach the part at the ‘jungle dance’ find something and start drumming - create a fun beat to dance too like Gerald, don’t forget to skip and prance!

 -  Warthogs Waltzing - take your partner and hold them close, try going round and round!

Rhino’s rock 'n' rolled - holding hands try twisting your hips side to side

- The Lions Tango - Make a super serious face, look in the direction your going to move and take nice long slow steps, all the while holding on to your partner!

- Chimps Cha cha - Shuffle small steps and make some nice big shapes with your arms.

- Baboons scottish reel - see how fast you can move your feet, try a couple of little kicks and a few hops!

- Then when is comes to dancing like Gerald, feel the beat, dance and GO FOR IT, anything you fancy, dance and feel happy - don't forget to bow and enjoy your round of applause!

If you've been inspired to get your giraffe groove on, we'd love to see your photos and videos! Send them to

Happy World Book Day Everyone!


Jemma Thomas