20 Days of Llandrindance!


Ok Llandrindod here it is, your moment to get dancing!

We are celebrating 20 days of dance in Llandrindod during May, and we want you, your business or organisation to get involved!

Celebrating dance, Llandrindod and the people that make it so great.

It's simple, all you have to do is film you or your group dancing - this can be a fun and freestyled few seconds, or a 5 minute long dance epic, it's your dance, make it what you want it to be! Make sure you have someway of filming your dance then send it into us at Powys Dance.


Then during May we will show all videos sent in and paint a picture of a vibrant dancing Llandrindod, shedding light on all the wonderful organisations and businesses this lovely town has to offer.


Option 1 -  A fun and informal freestyled dance....

Here is Lotte and Joel, niece and uncle, having a boogie in the kitchen! #llandrindance!



Now, if your thinking you're no dancer, and haven't a clue what you would dance too or what moves to attempt, well fear not, we have an option you may want to consider......

The Llandrindance!

Here at Powys Dance we have created a routine for you to have a go at if you are stuck for a dance, watch the routine, and then there is a break down of those all important moves so you and your organisation can have fun together learning The Llandrindance!

Option 2 - The Llandrindance!

Here is The Llandrindance! Learn the routine and submit your version; llandrindance@dawnspowysdance.org Music: 'There ain't no other way' - By The Jingle Punks
Here is a break down of the moves for anyone learning the Llandrindance! Good Luck and Enjoy! Music: 'There ain't no other way' By Jingle Punks 'Sophomore Makeout' By Silent Partner

For more on how you can get involved with this project please download the information pack!


Jemma Thomas