New and exclusive to Powys Dance this Summer, our Stage to Studio workshops in musical theatre will unleash the magical storytelling world of musicals into your little ones imagination where they will join local dancer Georgia Morgan for 4 days of inspiring dance workshops this Summer Holiday.

Georgia, who is born and bred in Powys, is currently garnering rave reviews studying Musical Theatre at Italia Conti in London, where she not only has a passion for performance but for teaching too!



Georgia is 19 years old and is currently studying Musical Theatre at Italia Conti Arts Centre in Guildford, London. She ambitious and driven in her dream to carve a career in Musical Theatre. The super brilliant thing about Georgia is that she is incredibly passionate about teaching too. Having grown up on a farm in the Elan Valley in Rhayader she knows how rural life can affect a young persons access to the creative arts and is so excited to be delivering Musical Theatre this Summer with Powys Dance.

'‘I realise Musical Theatre isn’t the most accessible so I hope my workshops will enlighten and inspire others that if you love it, you can do it, me for example I am a triplet who grew up on a farm, so Musical Theatre probably wasn’t the route most were expecting! The one thing I love about musical theatre is the story created through song and dance, I love how expressive it is and how you can become iconic stage characters through certain songs, one of my favourites is Roxy from Chicago, when i sing and dance it I become Roxy and it’s really so much fun!’'

Georgia Morgan, backstage getting ready to perform at Italia Conti

Georgia Morgan, backstage getting ready to perform at Italia Conti